Preserving and spreading the authentic teachings of Gurbani Santhia through Sampardaee teachings.


Taught according to a structured Syllabus with face to face and online classes available to sangath worldwide. Course tailored to suit all learning requirements and abilities


Various learning aids and resources to support the Gurbani Santhia Course and enhance one’s learning experience.

Nihung Santhia is dedicated to preserving and spreading the authentic teachings of Gurbani.


Through our Gurbani Santhia Course we aim to spread the learning of Gurbani Santhia as far as possible. Learning Santhia is an excellent form of Parchar and provides us with immeasurable opportunities to progress our Sikhi.


  • Allow global access to Gurbani Santhia lessons.

  • Teach more students who can then further pass on Gurbani Vidhya.

  • Eventually, invest in our own Asthaan and have a Vidhiyala – a dedicated place where our Vidhiyarthee can do their Abhiyaas.

  • Create a facility to train our future generations in Santhia, Katha, Kirtan and Shastar Vidhyaa.

  • Replicate this and have Vidhiyalas set up in all major cities across the UK and eventually the globe.


When I learnt of how reading Gurbani incorrectly can change the meanings of a Shabad I realised how important it is to take Santhia. Santhia has not only taught me how to read Gurbani correctly but it has also helped and guided me towards building a Gursikh jeevan. Living in a world where we have a lot of other commitments such as work/study/family, it sometimes becomes difficult to take time out for yourself and more importantly for our Guru. Thanks to Ustaad Jatinder Singh and other dedicated Sevadars, Santhia is now being made available online at a time that suits each individual. This is a great Seva and an opportunity not to be missed. I strongly believe that when we take one step towards Guru Sahib they take countless more steps towards us. Santhia is definitely one of those steps we can take towards leading a Gursikh jeevan so I would definitely recommend everyone to get in touch and enrol in either the online classes or classes taking place in their local Gurdwara.

Gurvinder Kaur

Frequently asked questions

What is the Gurbani Santhia Course?

The Santhia course is a structured syllabus that is split into various stages and modules to help students learn how to read Gurbani. Each student will have their progression reviewed, enabling them progress on to the next stage.

How do we deliver online Santhia?

Online Santhia classes are conducted via a Skype telephone call (audio not video call). During the lesson your Ustaad will guide you through the syllabus at a pace that suits your learning style. The structure of each lesson will follow a similar format; you recite from your Pothi Sahib while your Ustaad listens. After the lesson you will be expected to do your Abiyas / homework.

Can I attend face to face classes?

Yes you can – we hold face-to-face classes in East / West London and in Coventry. Typically classes are held twice a week and all students are welcome to enrol in any of these courses. You can learn more about our classes on the 'classes' page.

Who are the Nihung Santhia tutors?

We have a team of tutors who teach both online and face-to-face. All of our tutors are committed to progressing their own Santhia as well as dedicating their personal time to teaching others. There is also a strong back office team that support with content writing, graphic design and administration. You can learn more about our tutors on the 'Team' page.


Nihung Santhia is pleased to announce the release of the 2021 Sikh Calendar. This will cover dates from Cheth (Mid-March) 2021 to Phalgun 2022. The calendar is dedicated to the 400th Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and  contains Puratan paintings of Guru Sahib Ji alongside maps of their Asthaan and images of their relics/artefacts. Each month has a small paragraph on the life of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, based on historical sources. You can purchase or download this calendar by clicking the links below.


We are pleased to announce the release of the Nihung Santhia Nitnem Gutka Sahib App. The application is now available to download on both Android and iPhone. This app is one of the many resources intended for Nihung Santhia students to aid in their Santhia and also for the wider sangat to use. The Gurbani Paath in this App is based on the Taksali Nitnem Gutka Sahib, Published by Gurdwara Sri Akhand Parkash Sahib, Bhindar Kalan (Moga). The main vishraam (pause) as per the Taksali Nitnem Gutka Sahib has also been given, where the pankti (line of Gurbani) breaks onto the next line. We hope to include many more Banis and features in the future to serve the sangat as much as possible. 

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What’s Coming Up

Baba ji_Barsi Post_2019 (1).jpg

7th Barsi Baba Ajit Singh Ji 

Saturday 2nd November 2019

Sehaj Path Bhog followed by Katha and Kirtan in memory of Sant Baba Ajit Singh Ji, vidhya gurdev of Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji Sri Hazur Sahib Wale