In this small extract of Katha, Sant Giani Kartar Singh Ji explain the importance of reading Shudh Gurbani – using examples from Guru Sahib Ji’s Itihaas. When Sri Guru Hargobind Ji expressed to the sangat that they wanted to hear the Shudh Paath of Sri Jap Ji Sahib – Bhai Gopala Ji asked Guru Sahib to bless him with this seva. Guru Sahib Ji sat Bhai Gopala Ji on a higher platform then themselves out of respect for Gurbani. In the same way Sant Ji explain that when teaching Santhia, the person teaching Santhia should not sit higher then any student with a Pothi Sahib, as it is grave disrespect of Gurbani. Sant Kartar Singh Ji explain whenever they would recite Gurbani Nitnem to Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji, Sant Ji would always make them sit on the right hand side and on a higher level then themselves, such was their respect for Gurbani. Sant Kartar Singh Ji talk about the importance of maintaining utmost respect of Gurbani while doing Santhia, by both the Ustaad & Vidhiaarthi, this is the only way we can obtain Guru Ji’s happiness. Guru Sahib were ready to give the Gurgadhi as a reward to Bhai Gopala Ji, this is how high Guru Sahib regarded the Shudh Paath of Gurbani. In this audio clip they also explain how by changing even one vowel of Gurbani can drastically change the meaning of that Gurbani Tukk, which is why abhyaas and implementation of muharni is so important. Please listen and implement the following bachan:

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