Our Lineage

Our Lineage of Sikh Scholars


1) Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa – Bhindranwale (1902-1969)

Respected Panthic diamond, the treasure-trove of knowledge, Brahm Giani, complete in the practices of the Khalsa, Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa BhindraVale was born on Wednesday 12 February 1902 at Amrit Vela (Ambrosial Hours). After his birth he was bathed and taken to the Gurdwara into the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, the Birth Ceremony was performed and Amrit was given to Sant Jee. Karah Parshad was prepared, Ardas performed and a Hukamnama taken. Sant Jee was named from the first letter of the Hukamnama, per Sikh tradition. His parents were devout Sikhs and due to the religious outlook of the household, from… young age,

2) Sant Baba Ajit Singh ji – Jatha Bhindran Patna Sahib (1921-2012)

Baba Ji was born in Jasee Pind In Batinda Panjab 1921. They were like any normal healthy child until they reached the age of 5 when Baba ji fell ill with a rare skin condition. His condition worsened and his eyesight was heavily affected. By the age of 5, Baba ji had lost their sight completely.

With time, Baba ji’s relationship with their parents began to weaken as they felt the love and affection normally received was fading. In turn, Baba ji sensed they were burdening their parents. Their condition meant that finding work or getting married was near impossible, and so everything pointed to an unhopeful future. Ruefully, Baba ji decided to leave home and embark on a journey to begin a solitarily life.

3) Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji – Hazoor Sahib (1969 – 2016)

Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji was born In the Indian State of Udheesa on the 24th December 1969. They arrived in Patna Sahib in 1978 and spent 13 years there receiving Shaastr (Granth) Vidhia, under the Guidence of Sant Baba Ajit Singh Ji.

Giani Ji, the fifth child of seven brothers, was from a very poor family who were of Sanatan (Hindu) Faith. His family often engaged in practices, such as making sacrifices of goats during pooja at Kali Mata Mandir.

4) Giani Pritam Singh Ji ‘Likhari’ Jatha Bhindran

Giani Pritam Singh Ji was born 5/6 days before Lohri (8/9 January) 1933, at his maternal village of Ratta (Gurdaspur) district Batala, at Amritvela 4 am. Giani Ji’s Nana Ji recited Jap Ji Sahib while stirring water and sugar crystals in an iron bowl with a Kirpan, which was given to Giani Ji as part of the ‘Janam Sanskar’. After a month, Giani Ji was taken to the village Gurdwara Sahib. Nana Ji took a basket of jaggery to the Gurdwara, and got ardas done from the Granthi Sahib.

From the first letter of the hukamnama, the newborn baby was named Pritam Singh. On the 20th March Mata Ji reached her husband’s (Sardar Meja Singh Ji) home village…