Our Vision

Nihung Santhia is dedicated to preserving and spreading the authentic teachings of Gurbani.

Through our Gurbani Santhia Course we aim to spread the learning of Gurbani Santhia as far as possible. Learning Santhia is an excellent form of Parchar and provides us with immeasurable opportunities to progress our Sikhi.

Our Aims Include:

  • Teach more students and train more Ustaads.
  • Eventually, invest in our own asthan and have a Vidhiyala – a dedicated place where our Vidhiyarthee can do their Abiyas.
  • Allow global access to Gurbani Santhia lessons.
  • Create a facility to train our future Pracharaks, Santhia Ustaads, Kathakar, Kirtani and Shastar Vidhyaa Ustaad.
  • Replicate this and have a Vidhyala set up in all major cities across the UK and eventually the globe.