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Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji was born In the Indian State of Orissa on the 24th December 1969. They arrived in Patna Sahib in 1978 and spent 13 years there receiving Shaastr (Granth) Vidhia, under the Guidance of Sant Baba Ajit Singh Ji.

Giani Ji, the fifth child of seven brothers, was from a very poor family who were of Sanatan (Hindu) Faith. His family often engaged in practices, such as making sacrifices of goats during pooja at Kali Mata Mandir.


At age of 5, he earned a living by taking cattle to graze the fields. There was little money to be earned in this trade, but it was all Giani ji could earn for his struggling family. Giani ji would follow his elder brother Kuverlal, learning the craft from a very young age. After a few years had passed, Giani ji moved to a pind, some distance from his home, so that his goats could graze in fields belonging to another. Following this, Giani ji then moved to Dhrug City (at the time Madhya Pradesh) with his elder brother to find better work.


Giani Ji’s youngest Massi ji was sold as a household servant in the area of Patna (Bihar). From there, being from a Hindu family, she married into a Sikh family, a Singh who was a soldier in the Indian army. When Giani Ji’s Massi ji came to meet Giani ji in Dhrug, she asked if he would like to go back with her to her home in Patna. Giani ji, wanted to leave but was fearful of his older brother who refused to let him go. In response, Massi Ji hid Giani Ji under her legs as she sat on a Rickshaw, and rustled him away to the train station.


Giani ji lived with their Massi ji who would make Pinnee Parshad in the complex of Takhat Sri Harmandir Ji. As soon as Giani ji came to Patna Sahib, they began keeping their Kesh and adopted Sikhi. Giani ji would also begin to make friends – Prem Singh, a child living locally, would often call on Giani ji to play ball. He then began school at Guru Gobind Singh ji School in Patna, but with Giani Ji emerging from a poor family, he was very uneducated and behind in his studies, it was not long before they left. Prem Singh’s sewa was to collect Dudh for Baba ji. However, one day, Prem Singh was late, and so he requested Giani ji, who was now 10 years of age, to collect Baba ji after they completed delivering Katha at Takhat Sri Harmandir Sahib. Giani Ji would meet Baba ji after 6 months of arriving at Patna Sahib approximately.


Giani ji went into the Darbar Sahib after Baba ji had delivered Katha, and being a feisty child, they held out their hand and bluntly uttered to Babaji Ji “Chalo”. Baba ji responded, “thoo lai jainga?” Giani ji again responded bluntly: “Haa, chalo”. Giani ji escorted Baba ji to their room and there they waited for Prem Singh to deliver Baba ji’s milk. Prem Singh failed to show, and so Baba ji would request Giani ji to fulfil this duty. Taking interest in this charismatic young boy, Baba ji questioned Giani ji on who he was and where he came from. Baba ji took out an apple and offered it to Giani ji requesting him to come again. Giani Ji took the apple and went.


One day, on Baba ji’s request, Prem Singh brought Giani ji to Baba ji. It was from here that Giani ji would begin to recieve Santhia. Paying little attention to his school education, Giani ji started connecting to Gurmat Vidhiya. Prem Singh would leave after some time, and Giani ji commenced with their sewa, Over the next decade, they would stay with Baba Ji in their sewa. Giani ji took all their Santhia 3 times, completing all Gurmat Studies over this period. After 1984, many sewadars left Baba ji, and so Giani ji began doing Katha Paat with Baba Ji and was left as a senior Vidhiaarthee.

Giani ji became meeth (deputy) Granthi Sahib at Patna Sahib from 1987 to 1991. In 1990 Giani ji married in Patna Sahib, and with the blessing of Baba Ajit Singh Ji, was sent to Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib, Nanded, to do Parchar of Gurmat Vidhia and Katha. Giani ji spent 25 years in Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib, where they completed 5 Katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as Head Kathakar of Sachkhand. As well as taking on many Vidhiarthee, they would also give Gurmat Vidhia too.

One of those Vidhiaarthee was Ustaad Jatinder Singh, who spent a total of 5 years receiving Gurmat Vidhia from Giani ji right up to the day they left this world. With the blessings of Giani Amarjeet Singh, the Nihung Santhia project has been established and we endeavour to share this Vidhia we have been blessed with to support the growth of future Parcharaks within the Sikh faith.

Giani Amarjeet Singh talking about their life

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