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We are pleased to announce the release of the Nihung Santhia Nitnem Gutka Sahib App. The application is now available to download on both Android and iPhone. This app is one of the many resources intended for Nihung Santhia students to aid in their Santhia and also for the wider sangat to use. The Gurbani Paath in this App is based on the Taksali Nitnem Gutka Sahib, published by Gurdwara Sri Akhand Parkash Sahib, Bhindar Kalan (Moga). The main Vishraam (pause) as per the Taksali Nitnem Gutka Sahib has also been given, where the Pankti (line of Gurbani) breaks onto the next line. We hope to include many more Banis and features in the future to serve the sangat as much as possible. 

* Font size and type/thickness
* Larivaar option
* Background colours (light/dark mode)
* Lines split according to main Vishraam (in the same style as Bhindran Gutka Sahib)
* Works on tablets and phones

Upcoming Features:
* Baal Updesh Pothi Sahib & Audio
* Nitnem Audio
* More Baania including Budha Dal Rehras Sahib & Aarti Aarta
* Gurbani Ucharan Pointers

DOWNLOAD NOW on App Store and Google Play Store

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