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Mukh Sewadar Nihung Santhia, Online Tutor & Content Writer

Ustaad Jatinder Singh founded Nihung Santhia in May 2017. He started his journey of receiving Gurbani Santhia in 2008 from Ustaad Charanjeet Singh Ji ‘Chandarpureea’ (Damdami Taksal). This would entail a combination of face to face and online Santhia. In 2011, he decided to dedicate his life to Gurbani Santhia and left his career to follow his heart and leave for India where he continued his Santhia under the guidance of Singh Sahib Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji, Head Kathhakar, Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib. He spent 3 years in the Sangat of Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji, where he completed Santhia of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, Dasam Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Sarbloh Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

He also began Santhia of Vedant Granth and Guru Ithihaas. From 2011 with the blessings for Singh Sahib Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji, Ustaad Jatinder Singh started teaching the Ucharan and Arthh of Gurbani to the Local Sangat of Hazoor Sahib, the Sikhlighar Smaaj of neighbouring City Parbhani and also online Santhia; they were the first students of Nihung Santhia.

He was also blessed to receive Santhia from other well know Giani Sahib, including Giani Kuldeep Singh Ji and Giani Nachhathar Singh Ji of Gurdwara Alachaur (Students of Giani Harbhajan Singh Ji Dhudike).

Upon returning to the UK in 2014, he continued studying with Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji online and started Gurbani Santhia classes in East London. After the passing of Sri Maan Singh Sahib Giani Amarjeet Singh Ji in 2016, Ustaad Jatinder Singh found a new purpose in his Parchar and within 6 months started the Nihung Santhia Sanstha.

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