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Never look at anyone's faults - Bachan Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib

5th August 2020 marks the 115th birthday of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale, who joined countless to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji across the globe. In commemoration, this week's post is of some of their spiritual teachings written in their biography, 'Ruhani Sandesh':

'The following Bachan are from Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji's 1974 visit to England, and took place in Coventry. Giani Karam Singh Ji who had come to the UK for the first time with Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji, requested them during a visit to a Sangat member's home, "Sant Ji! Many seekers are sitting here who are eager to hear words of wisdom about the spiritual path to Vaheguru. Please tell us, what should the spiritual seeker do to progress on this path?" Sant Ji said the following, "The Sikh who wants to progress spiritually, even if they do less Bhajan, they should never look at anyone's faults/demerits. The spiritual seeker should see the light of Vaheguru in all, and love the virtuous and sinners equally. This is the greatest teaching which gives peace and tranquillity to our minds, and to others.

The sign of a Pooran Mahapursh is that even though being Antarjami, they never look at the demerits of any person (even though they know their inner thoughts). It is very rare to find someone in which there is no demerit hidden. Due to our Vikaari Birtee (sinful/immoral minds), many such thoughts arise full of vices. But Mahapursh are 'Gunn Graahee' (the collector of virtues), they never look at anyone's sins despite knowing their inner thoughts...Mahapursh never look at anyone's faults, seeing this world as 'Noor-Elaahi' (in which the light of Vaheguru is shining forth in everyone), they only look the virtues in all." Hearing such words of wisdom from Sant Ji, Giani Karam Singh Ji bowed his head in reverence.'

- Chapter 28, Ruhani Sandesh (Biography of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji) - Giani Mohan Singh Ji Azaad



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