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Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Basic Structure

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji printed Saroop has a total of 1430 Angs.

Gurbani is organised in Raag format, however there is some Gurbani outside of the Raags also (i.e. Jap Ji Sahib, Salok Sehaskritee, Bhattan De Swaiyeh, Salok Vaaran De Vadheek).

There are 19 Panktis (lines) per Ang in the current printed Saroop of Maharaj Ji. However, many Angs with headlines (starting with new Raag) have less than 19 lines per Ang.

Total number of Panktis are 26,852.

Total number of Shabad (i.e. words) are 398,697.

Total dictionary Shabad (words) are 29445 (these are the Shabad that have been used again and again to make the whole text). Some of these words have been used only once.

The Shabad (word) that has been repeated most often is ‘Har’. It has been repeated 9,288 times.

No punctuation marks like comma, semicolon or colon have been used In Gurbani, in written form. These must be learnt from a Santhia Ustaad. The mark that has been used is ‘||’ which means full stop.

No ‘Adhak’ character has been used.

No ‘Paireen Bindi’ character (dot at the bottom of character) has been used, only bindi on the top of Shabads (words) have been used at places.

A number of half characters (that fall at the bottom of other characters) that are not used in modern Punjabi have been used.

Aounkarh and Dulainkarh characters have also been used under half characters. This is normally not done in the present day Punjabi.

‘Ik Oankaar’ has been repeated for 568 times.

A unique and detailed numbering system has been adopted for each Raag.



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